My story as a self-confessed cryptocurrency enthusiast officially started by the second half of the year 2017 – at the start of June – when I got my first ever $10 worth of BTC commission and 1 ETH deposited on Coinbase with the help of my friend, Fritz Seidel.

Unofficially, I got hooked when my friend Sharon R. Nix kept me posted about the ETH and LTC trends about one to two weeks before that. Since then, I have spent almost all my waking life thinking and getting my education towards this cyberspace path. It is a wonder that I haven’t dreamt of it (or at least remembered I dreamt of it).

I believe that this is the future of trade and business transactions, and have not even finished unwrapping the outer layer of this revolutionary virtual present. Although I felt I already started late in this game, reality corrected me and made me see that this world is still in its infancy and I am still part of the early adopters.

Disclaimer: I am just a beginner and although I am already making small profits by understanding a portion of how the game is being played, it is always good to take everything I write with a grain of salt.

As the saying goes, “the best investment you can put yourself in is education.”

Do your homework.

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