This day marks the creation of this news bites website dedicated to cryptocurrency. I started this to help me unload inner thoughts and emotions that I only started to feel now – now that I finally get to understand what this cyber technology is all about.

As a beginner in this cryptocurrency world, I am in a state of ecstasy at this discovery through a great friend who opened my eyes by sharing with me her experiences and reactions whenever there is a price movement in Ethereum altcoins. Why wouldn’t she? She’s one of those who started investing last March 2017 when 1 ETH is equal to $11.. and about three weeks ago, the price rose dramatically. A week after we started chatting about it, I decided to ride the wave and got myself an ETH for $225.

Within a week after that, the price of ETH rose to $420… and soon enough, an assortment of Initial Coin Offerings and network congestions brought the price down to less than half of that for two days. Now it is back to its upward trend.

Suffice to say, this path is so exciting that it is something I think of when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

And this experience, my friends, deserve to have its own website, which I lovingly call ALTCOIN ROCKER.