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AdEx to Become the First DApp Based on NEO – The AdEx Blog – Medium

A day ago, AdEx released an announcement regarding their technical partnership with NEO’s smart economy platform with the decision to port AdEx core – making it the first ever Decentralised App using NEO blockchain. Moreover, they believe they can deliver a prototype of their service a few months earlier than February 2018 – the date they initially announced. For a full report of their press release, check out the source link below. We are porting the Adex Core to NEO — the first and biggest Chinese blockchain Source: AdEx to Become the First DApp Based on NEO – The...

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Bitcoin price now nearly three times that of Gold

Gold has been used as a standard of value for trading commodities. The problem with Gold is that its price gets grossly manipulated by corrupt people in power. Lab test results could be faked in order to produce price bubbles. Bitcoin’s existence doesn’t need lab tests and is safe from fakers. Its current price just show how more trusted Bitcoin is, compared to Gold. Bitcoin’s jump to record highs this week put the digital currency close to tripling the price of gold. Source: Bitcoin climbs to record, nearly three times the price of...

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The CEO Of NEO Banks On Blockchain To Build A Smart Economy

NEO got featured in Forbes! I’m not a hardcore programmer, but I admit the thought of becoming a NEO blockchain developer would be an exciting adventure… specially since it could be coded in languages I am already familiar with (even though I’m not an expert). “NEO developers can write smart contract code in .NET and Java/Kotlinm, and we are currently testing integration with Go, JS, and Python for a rollout in the future. This will allow a great number of developers globally to build smart contracts on NEO,” Da Hongfei Source: The CEO Of NEO Banks On Blockchain To Build A Smart...

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