Join me as I mark and celebrate JULY 1 as the official day when this blog started running under its own domain name – ALTCOINROCKER.XYZ!

Technically, I started the acquisition process for this domain name during the last few hours of June 30. It wasn’t until this morning that I get to finally pay for it (talk about liquidity).. AND after a few hours more, the nameserver changes finally reflected on my browser. On a side note, it might be possible that the domain name not be accessible yet in other parts of the world as the DNS propagation (or “blockchain announcement” in cryptocurrency terms) may take between 24 to 48 hours.

Nevertheless, I am now able to view it and I’ve also sorted out the redirection policy so that those who tried accessing this website from its old URL ( will get redirected to this site instead.

Here’s three cheers to a bright cryptocurrency filled future ahead!

AHOO! AHOO! AHOO! (to the tune of Spartans’ war cry)

My next project is to create this site’s favicon.

A final note – if there is any information you want to find here, do not hesitate to contact me by posting through the comment form below.