How I earned .5 ETH in 11 days through simple mouse clicks and good judgements

Before I write everything else, I’d like to stress that trading is a high-risk activity and requires a certain level of fortitude and ability to move outside the domain of two emotions – fear and greed.

That said, Altcoin Trading is a really exciting hobby. Just looking at the rollercoaster type of lines generated every minute, hour or day will definitely try and bring out the best or worst reaction from any player. Unless they have become masters at taming their emotions.

From the brief time I spent as a novice trader, I have come to a theoretical conclusion that the best move to do in answer to uncertain or possible downtrend climate for Bitcoin is to put all my BTCs on a few “well-established” Altcoins. This goes to say one needs to do some well-needed researches about each of the Altcoins to bet on.

This theory is backed by a working proof because since I started trading 11 days ago (June 25), I already earned an equivalent of .5 ETH. I know ETH in BTC right now is low, but ETH has its own journey and I am in it for the long haul.

I am tempted to show how much coins I already have and which altcoins I have decided to invest on but since this post is about controlling my emotion, I will refrain from doing so.. so you are left with the decision to take my word that I did earn .5 ETH in 11 days, or throw it away as another BS.

To conclude, I would say it is not good to trust Bitcoin and its value completely. Rather, it is a good habit to diversify into Altcoins you have researched, understood, and believe on.