This is about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash.

Like me, you might not be one of the rich Latin American families targeted by this Crypto Assets Fund company. This does not stop us, however, from using this information to our advantage. 

What advantage, you say? 

Through this article we are able to find out which altcoins (aside from Bitcoin) are being banked upon by well established agencies, families, and other professionals who spent countless hours in studying cryptocurrency.


That means these will be on the IN DEMAND group and that will mean an increased price for these commodities.

Oh, and if you check on the prices now, you will find they are pretty low due to uncertain events within the next two months.

Nevertheless, I am betting the price will go up after all the news comes out and the climate settles down.

One other thing.

Even though NEO (Antshares) is not included in the list, I  have included it in my portfolio.

Announced today, the newly formed Crypto Assets Fund, co-founded by former senior manager at Bain, Roberto Ponce Romay, is helping to raise $50m with the purpose of buying cryptocurrencies for family offices. Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, Crypto Assets Fund (CAF) will invest directly in bitcoinetherzcash, ripple, litecoin and dash.