Month: July 2017

Where Ethereum Stands Now.

As a fellow believer in Ethereum Blockchain and technology, I had my moments of sadness when the price dropped below the cost when I bought at $225. It made me sadder when I found out that a few friends bought at a higher price and with a bigger volume. Due to this, I am writing down some factors to help put things into perspective. Ethereum’s price last January of this year is $10. In spite of all the events that led to its price dip from $400 to $197 (as of this writing), ETH’s price did not fall below...

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WizSec: Breaking open the MtGox case, part 1

With the arrest of what was suspected to be the mastermind behind BTC-e exchange who was said to have laundered $4 Billion worth of Bitcoins within a couple of years, WizSec (the group who have kept tracking the huge MtGox bitcoin heist) released the first part of their account on the whole situation. This is one step forward towards having a safer environment for cryptocurrency investors. Check out the source (below) for the full report. The official blog of WizSec, a group of bitcoin security specialists, and their investigation into MtGox. Source: WizSec: Breaking open the MtGox case, part...

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45 Blockchain Graveyards

Before you invest any fiat into bitcoins or altcoins, it is best to check out this list of security breaches and blacklisted exchanges to make sure you are putting your coins out of these already exposed agencies. The best investment you can have is education. A list of all massive security breaches or thefts involving blockchains. Source: Blockchain...

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In Urban China, Cash Is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete – The New York Times

This is not a joke. This shows how well used online currency is in the huge society of China. I expect that cryptocurrencies will soon follow this trend.. and leading the batch would be Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEO. Read the full article from the link below.   Across the country’s cities, the rapid growth of mobile payments is making cash all but obsolete. Source: In Urban China, Cash Is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete – The New York...

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Affiliate Program Disclosure

You might notice that there are links and recommendations (endorsements) throughout this page and other pages of my website. Chances are, most of them involve affiliate marketing programs – meaning I earn certain commissions based on their policies once you click and register or buy their product/service via my links. These are instances when I can earn some profit and your way of donating towards the upkeep of this website info-product.

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