Month: June 2017

Testers Wanted for a New Golem GUI – The Golem Project

As revealed in our GUI refresh preview post from some time ago, exciting new progress is being made on Golem’s user interface… Golem Network Token’s announced an invitation to test the massive improvements they made to the coder GUI, specifically to GOLEM ALPHA represented by their first use case – Blender Rendering. According to their official website, Blender Rendering is the first very illustrative case of real Golem usage. Through the Blender, CGI rendering could be done cheaper by rendering it through the Golem Network. It becomes cheaper because the CGI artist do not need to buy top-class rendering...

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Ethereum Infographic for Beginners

As a tribute to what triggered my start into the cryptocurrency world, I am sharing this infographic. Kudos to Ma’m Sharon for introducing me to the world of Ethereum about a month ago. Big thanks also go to my best pal, Joe Fritz Shaker, for helping me out get my very first ETH Altcoin at Coinbase. As much as I have high esteem of the company, they do not sell to individuals living in my lovely tropical country – the Philippine islands. Hopefully they get to carry out their Q3 objectives flawlessly. This infographic was discovered as a result...

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This day marks the creation of this news bites website dedicated to cryptocurrency. I started this to help me unload inner thoughts and emotions that I only started to feel now – now that I finally get to understand what this cyber technology is all about. As a beginner in this cryptocurrency world, I am in a state of ecstasy at this discovery through a great friend who opened my eyes by sharing with me her experiences and reactions whenever there is a price movement in Ethereum altcoins. Why wouldn’t she? She’s one of those who started investing last...

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Affiliate Program Disclosure

You might notice that there are links and recommendations (endorsements) throughout this page and other pages of my website. Chances are, most of them involve affiliate marketing programs – meaning I earn certain commissions based on their policies once you click and register or buy their product/service via my links. These are instances when I can earn some profit and your way of donating towards the upkeep of this website info-product.

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